Day Training School

Like sending your kid to college,
but for your dog.

Not the typical "Doggy Daycare"

We provide safe and structured socialization, with the main goal to physically and mentally fulfill your dog. It is it NOT our goal to have dogs just play and be excited. We like to set rules, boundaries, and limitations (Your dog likes it too!).

Dog Day Training School Schedule




Drop Off Times
7am - 9am

Pick Up Times
3pm - 5pm

$75 per day

*additional fees for pick up after 5pm


Drop Off

The morning hours begin with a low level of socialization between dogs and trainers alike.  We want to start the day off right with a calm state of mind. This usually includes a structured time in “place.” We want our dogs to feel happy and calm so that they can have a great rest of the day. Owner Education Included!

Noon Pack Walk

The PACK WALK is the biggest way we physically and mentally fulfill our dogs. Pack Walks can last 1-2 hours. The important aspect of these walks they begin and end in a calm state of mind.

Afternoon Breakdown

After a tiring and fulfilling Pack Walk, we like to give our dogs time to rest and recover. Everyone gets a place and everyone gets a little shut eye. Well, everyone except the trainers.

After our nap we wrap the day with indoor/outdoor play. This involves our trainers managing various levels of socialization between all of our dogs.

Pick Up

By this time your dog is physically and mentally fulfilled or “drained.” Our goal is that your dog goes home exhausted but in a calm, agreeable state of mind.